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    Dreams is just a big group of friends who love to play, skateboard, surf, party, laugh, design, create and do nothing…!

    Dreams have more than 14 years experience in organising entertainment, events, workshops and clinics. We have met and surpassed our clients expectations and we invite our guests to a world away from the routine environment of the workplace and into the world of being FREE.

    Our Specialties:
    – Concept Design
    – Events Management specializing in Music Festivals, Kids Festivals
    – Marketing & Promotion Services
    – Organisation working on issues regarding the conservation and restoration of the environment
    – Skateboarding
    – Workshops / Clinics / Coaching

    Our Highlights:
    – TrashUre Hunt: Come and join us to clean up the world together. Trash Free!
    – Dreams Free Festival: Official The Hague Festivals
    – Tacky Live Tour
    – Weekend of the Vans
    – Sjans ‘m Erin: Skateboarding Air 2 Water Contest on Big Air Mega Ramp
    – Dare to be Creative: Temporary Art