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  • This is your Life

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  • Relasha

    Date: 2010.02.25 | Category: Life | Response: 0

    In our current World, everyone is looking for something; everyone is looking for a way in which to move, what to think and what to do. Some people try to find the answer in a seminar, some believe the people on television who promises to have the answer. It almost seems like everyone is looking for a solution or salvation. Something or someone which will make us feel better, through which we will find a nicer place in this life. The feeling which makes us laugh, lets us feel good, ultimately finding happiness.
    We will engulf ourselves in yoga one week and the next we will try Pilatus. Only to hear about a new or different thing the week after from one of our friends or neighbours, this promises to be the next best thing. So we plunge into that new hype head over heels.
    And so we keep on searching, we keep on going. Everyone has their own version of the ultimate truth or will find a new something which promises to solve it all.
    We believe in all sorts of shapes and powers, from the catholic faith, landmark to the evangelical preaching television priest. It’s all possible in this world. Like fashion will change with the seasons, so do we change our mode of searching for ourselves and our happiness, which leads to an eternal quest.
    In the end we are and will be, swamped with what is right and wrong and also the why and why not. This leaves us really knowing nothing at all.
    If you breathe in through your belly button and feel your left toe, then put pressure on your left buttock and keep repeating the process, you will enter a trance!

    Relasha is all about one thought, one truth; You know better than anyone else how you would want to move and you should move only in a way that you recognize within yourself. Why? Because you are the only one who knows your body and spirit in the most intimate way! At least, that is how it should be and would make everything a lot easier.

    All the ways and methods that are taught, promise you a spiritual or spatial insight of what is possible with the human mind and body.

    But you hold the ultimate key!

    So take a look at the clips, laugh, and enjoy, through us, humankind in complete and ridiculously delicious freedom.

    Do it yourself and experience the joy you will feel!

    Relasha has only one rule; Do not restrain others in their Relasha.
    And one more thing, Relasha is completely free, the most inexpensive thing life has to offer you.

    Please send us your relasha-material?

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