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    Kai Yoga

    “When I was 17, Yoga captured me. It is true, once you started it’s very hard to let go. Yoga showed me, and still shows me every single day, the magic of life. Anyway,a little while later I found myself attending a teacher training in Utrecht with Tonny Goes. When I was 19, I started teaching yoga at a gym in Scheveningen.

    Yoga is defenitely an amazing part of my life and as I never stop learning, I started travelling to Asia to practise yoga and to learn more about it from the core. And there I was doing yoga at the most beautifull extraordinary places, where the wind would play with your hair, as big tropical birds would sing their songs and the water beneath the wooden yoga platform would burst against the big rocks that were ascending from the ocean while the sun slowly showed herself above the horizon. Every single morning, when I woke up my body and mind, by doing yoga, the whole world was waking up with me, or maybe it was just me waking up.. Creating not only the most amazing gratefull sensations in my body and soul but also this feeling of a trumendous joy for life, this total feeling of absolutely and purely,filled up with love `just being`. And that feeling stayed with me. So now I try to show other people what yoga does for me, in my classes and outside. But as human as I am, I will always be learning and evolving and the world around us is too, so no class is absolutely the same.

    Around my 21st it was time for me to start an Asthanga teacher training. So I found these lovely teachers; Janneke Wiersma-Verburg and Claudia Pradella in Eindhoven where they teach an Ashtanga Teacher Training for RYS 200hrs. Primary series. And after completion, I’ve been teaching a mixture between the Ashtanga and Power yoga. Also known as the Vinyasa Yoga.

    Learning never stops, and if it ever would, I could never stop doing it, because it’s too much fun. So that’s why I keep travelling, keep visiting the lovely yogi’s from around the world, like David Swenson in one of his lovely teacher trainings, in India and in Holland I had the joy of working with Petri Raisanen and found the yoga from the core with Sharath in England.


    Lilian Vrolijk

    For more information: http://www.kaiyoga.nl