• The Outside – Music for film, theatre and commercials

    Date: 2014.02.26 | Category: Free Festival, Music | Tags:

    Frans Buiten, aka `The Outside`, produces music in general, but is specialized in making music for film, theatre and commercials.
    He has experience in a wide variety of acoustic art forms, from radio broadcasting, to accompanying live performances, to editing sound, and sound mastering. Under the name `The Outside`, Frans Buiten (His surname ‘Buiten’ literally translates to Outside) has produced soundtracks for several commercials (like Ortel Mobile) and even big pieces of scores for, especially, Dutch surfing movies. Frans has worked for and with Kees Prins, from the famous Dutch TV show called `Jiskefet`. He also produced his own solo album called `A fist full of dreams`, from which every single track has been used for something, including one track called `Ion` which has been aired on MTV, for several days. Frans has won second price, for `best Dutch dance producer`, even though his music is not typically `dance music`.

    The advantages of using customized soundtracks for films, is that you cannot only edit the movie unto a prefixed sound track, which is usually the case but you can also edit the sound unto the film, for instance move a break or a certain sound back and forth, to make perfect timing/impact possible. His soundtracks can be bought free of Buma/Stemra copyright protection. Making it easier (and cheaper!!!) for large-scale distribution, and/or TV/radio broadcasting. Since Frans also has lot of experience in moviemaking in general, (he worked on Paul Verhoeven`s `Zwartboek`, and on Tony Scott`s blockbuster movie `Spy game`) he might even have some ideas of his own, which, in the process of converting your ideas into picture and sound, can be very useful indeed.

    Check for more information and nice tunes: theoutsidemusic.com