• Pat Smith

    Date: 2014.02.10 | Category: Art | Tags:

    Pat Smith

    Pat Smith is a poet, singer, philosopher and a life time friend.

    It doesn’t matter what form of art he practices, he will always try to get the most out of it and make things better than before.

    WAKE UP all you sleepy people

    His creative roots are founded back in the days he hung out with Herman Brood. He’d always be outside playing, either on his skateboard or surfboard. Just having fun, with music and soul on his side. A bright future lies ahead for him.

    Patrick is the allround artist. Whatever he touches, it will turn into something with a deeper meaning. His art is a reflection of him and the world, or the world within him.

    For more about Pats’ Art visit his Facebook or the Splendid website!!