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    Project Skate48: Dreams Original Contest Deck.
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    17 skateboard teams made there own moviepart in 48 hours. 48 skaters tagging on one board.
    Who is gonna win this board??

    The wrap up at a fully packed BAR with the premiere of all the seventeen team video’s, award ceremony and a great afterparty till late.. A lot of really amazing video’s were made by great teams with skateboarders and filmmakers from Holland, Belgium and France.

    SKATE48 2014 AWARDS
    Best video – BOMBAKLATS
    Best skater – Shajen Willems (Bombaklats)
    Best editor – Marc Bolhuis (Boombap)
    Best filmer – Sami el Hassani (Bombaklats)
    Best team – Falus
    Best creative – Bombaklats

    Check out the photo’s and incredible video from Sami el Hassani en Jan Maarten Sneep, the grand winner; Bombaklats! http://www.flatspot.nl/2014/06/skate48-bombaklats/