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  • Dreams Originals – Skateboards

    Date: 2014.09.10 | Category: Art, Products, Skateboarding | Response: 0

    Order by sending an email to or call +31 6 4262 6391!!

    7-ply,100% Canadian Maple decks, hand-finished to the highest standards of pure fun.
    With 32 years experience in skateboarding Dreams created the Dreams Originals Series.
    Every artwork is one of a kind, created by our beloved artists.

    Unique OldSkool boards that are created to have fun and ride with your friends!

    Rollin’ forever !!

  • Skate48 contest * Dreams Temporary Art

    Date: 2014.06.21 | Category: Art, Skateboarding | Response: 0

    Project Skate48: Dreams Original Contest Deck.
    ‪#‎enterdreams‬ ‪#‎skate48‬

    17 skateboard teams made there own moviepart in 48 hours. 48 skaters tagging on one board.
    Who is gonna win this board??

    The wrap up at a fully packed BAR with the premiere of all the seventeen team video’s, award ceremony and a great afterparty till late.. A lot of really amazing video’s were made by great teams with skateboarders and filmmakers from Holland, Belgium and France.

    SKATE48 2014 AWARDS
    Best video – BOMBAKLATS
    Best skater – Shajen Willems (Bombaklats)
    Best editor – Marc Bolhuis (Boombap)
    Best filmer – Sami el Hassani (Bombaklats)
    Best team – Falus
    Best creative – Bombaklats

    Check out the photo’s and incredible video from Sami el Hassani en Jan Maarten Sneep, the grand winner; Bombaklats!

  • Dare to be Creative – Temporary Art

    Date: 2014.03.05 | Category: Art, Events, Skateboarding, Workshops/Clinics | Response: 0

    Dare to be Creative

    Tijdens de sessies leer je dat het niet gaat om het resultaat, maar om de ervaring.
    Voor Dreams is kunst: je realiseren dat wat jij maakt, altijd uniek is.

    De deelnemers worden gemotiveerd om zich vrij te laten in wat ze maken.
    Dare to be Creative! In alle kunst zit een verleden van bloed, zweet en tranen. Altijd puur, altijd Dreams.

    Pak een stift en creeer jou passie, droom en leven.
    Maak van het verleden de toekomst.

    Voor meer info en boekingen:

  • Stichting Aight

    Date: 2014.03.01 | Category: Free Festival, Videos | Response: 0

    Stichting Aight

    Stichting AIGHT is hip hop en houdt zich bezig met alles op het gebied van hip hop in en om Den Haag. Onze stichting biedt vooral DJ / GRAFFITI / MC / BREAKDANCE workshops aan, maar daarnaast organiseert Stichting AIGHT ook festivals en feesten.

    For more info:

  • Pat Smith

    Date: 2014.02.10 | Category: Art | Response: 0

    Pat Smith

    Pat Smith is a poet, singer, philosopher and a life time friend.

    It doesn’t matter what form of art he practices, he will always try to get the most out of it and make things better than before.

    WAKE UP all you sleepy people

    His creative roots are founded back in the days he hung out with Herman Brood. He’d always be outside playing, either on his skateboard or surfboard. Just having fun, with music and soul on his side. A bright future lies ahead for him.

    Patrick is the allround artist. Whatever he touches, it will turn into something with a deeper meaning. His art is a reflection of him and the world, or the world within him.

    For more about Pats’ Art visit his Facebook or the Splendid website!!

  • Dreams Free Festival 2013

    Date: 2013.07.10 | Category: Events, Free Festival, Party | Response: 0

    FREE Entrance, FREE participation.
    A free festival for free people!! Pura Vida!

    The whole festival is based on 0 euros. The idea is that everyone contributes a few hours of their passion, and in return get a weekend full of FUN.

    ::: PHOTOS Dreams Free FASTival 2013 >>
    ::: Dreams Free FASTival 2013 on FaceBook >>

    ::: THE HAGUE FESTIVALS 2013 >>


    ::: Dreams Free Festival ::: Official Aftermovie 2012 >>

  • Dreams Free Festival 2012

    Date: 2013.01.05 | Category: Events, Free Festival, Party, Videos | Response: 0

    2 days of concerts, dj’s, partying, playing, dancing, laughing during the Dreams Free FASTival
    FREE Entrance, FREE participation.

    The whole festival is based on 0 euros. The idea is that everyone contributes a few hours of their passion, and in return get a weekend full of FUN.

    During the festival, where entrance will not be charged, the young and the older will be able to come in contact with boardsports, art, music, and the relaxed atmosphere which naturally exists in this scene. 2 days of sporting, playing, enjoying, and partying!

    A free festival for free people!! Pura Vida!

  • Shake – Brilliant dutch graffiti artist

    Date: 2012.05.03 | Category: Art, Videos | Response: 0

    Shake - Brilliant dutch graffiti artist

    Jill Martens, also known as `Shake`, is a brilliant Dutch graffiti artist from The Hague. Although his career started being a graffiti virtuoso, painting anything from walls to trains, from cars to furniture. Jill developed himself into a more all-round graphics designer and he has taken graffiti-art onto the next level. Taking the street style art form from walls to canvas, his paintings have now been auctioned at Sotheby`s and have been exposed from Antwerp to Barcelona.
    He was even asked to beautify a fifty meter long wall, inside the (in)famous Scheveningen correctional facility (prison), and he painted the whole training facility for the Dutch Olympic beach volleyball team, for which sand was brought in from Beijing, China.

    Although Jill spends a lot more time these days designing computer-rendered graphics and lay-outs, and painting his art inside his home, he will always feel the shivers down his spine, when looking at a big empty wall…Never being able to part from his roots, he will always have a passion for illegal street style graffiti writing. With spray-paint running through his veins, Jill Martens even bleeds art…

    Check for more information his website: or

  • Dreams Car

    Date: 2012.04.23 | Category: Art, Videos | Response: 0

    With spray-paint running through his veins, Jill Martens even bleeds art…
    Check for more info:

  • Dreams deck by Erik de Haan

    Date: 2012.04.15 | Category: Art, Products, Skateboarding | Response: 0

    New Dreams deck by Erik de Haan

    Thanks Erik!!

    Erik de Haan, born 24-08-1974, has been drawing as far as he can remember. Graduated from Art Academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, his life has always been about art. His style changed with time, as he got inspired through traveling all over the world. First Central America and Mexico after that Thailand and Laos, but Thailand kept drawing him through the years. After several times visiting Thailand, Erik also explored Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. This has been a major influence on his work. Erik’s own description of his work is ancient forms and figures in a mixture with his own ideas and masks. All paintings are done with acrylic paint on canvas. And bic ballpoint on paper. Right now he’s learning to tattoo.
    Click here for Erik’s website!